I am seriously in love with @amandalastenberg… #race #blackculture

Words I never thought I’d utter, ever LOL. But Amandala Stenberg is kind of fabulous. I knew it when I saw her bad ass little self in the movie Columbiana, but now I see she’s just as impressive in real life. Amandla commented on Kylie Jenner’s recent photo of herself with cornrows, and my first … Continue reading I am seriously in love with @amandalastenberg… #race #blackculture

Did You Really Just Call Your Co-star a Slut? #gender #Avengers #AgeofUltron

OK, men throw the word slut around way too easily. It is unbelievably tiresome to hear that insult used for a joke, like it has no effect on the people who hear it.avengers

Society already puts an unreasonable amount of pressure on women to behave a certain way. This is feminine. That is not feminine. You shouldn’t do this, or that, or the other. Why? Well, if you do people will think you’re a slut.

Apparently, having breasts and being charming is enough reason for people to call you a slut — including your coworkers — as Scarlett Johansson found out following a stop on the press junket for her new Avengers movie “Age of Ultron.” Continue reading “Did You Really Just Call Your Co-star a Slut? #gender #Avengers #AgeofUltron”

Must we state the obvious? Jay Z’s more than a black businessman #diversity #inclusion #race

So Jay Z launched Tidal.com this week, his new music streaming service. I poked around a little. It looks like a haven for music lovers. For a fee you can gorge yourself on whatever genre of music you want, and apparently you’ll be able to access exclusive content from artists as well. JayZ

My beef came yesterday morning as I drove to the train. I habitually flip through my favorite stations on the off chance they’ll actually play a song rather than talk, and Jay Z was the topic of discussion. Some rapper/artist-type person — I don’t know who because his comment got on my nerves and I immediately turned on a CD — offered this opinion: I think it’s a great (or something along those lines) thing because as a businessman, as a black business man; that’s when I turned him off. Continue reading “Must we state the obvious? Jay Z’s more than a black businessman #diversity #inclusion #race”

Trevor Noah, I’m looking forward to this #diversity #inclusion @Trevornoah @TheDailyShow

I don’t watch much TV – Scandal and House of Cards don’t count because I watch them online – but I occasionally caught Jon Stewart and/or blogged about what he was up to. South African comedian Trevor Noah has been selected to succeed him. If this video is representative of what’s ahead, strap yourself in! I … Continue reading Trevor Noah, I’m looking forward to this #diversity #inclusion @Trevornoah @TheDailyShow

@GiulianaRancic made the best racially motivated apology to @Zendaya I’ve seen in awhile. #race #stereotypes

So, yeah, it’s not the best idea to suggest that a young woman on the red carpet who has dreds smells like weed. Actually, it’s pretty ignorant. But I must say Giuliana Rancic’s apology to Zendaya seemed sincere – which is not always the case when a celeb crosses the race line. She talked about learning … Continue reading @GiulianaRancic made the best racially motivated apology to @Zendaya I’ve seen in awhile. #race #stereotypes

Patricia Arquette, I’m sure you meant well, but… #diversity #inclusion #equalpay #Oscars2015

So last night was the Oscars, and brothers Common and John Legend won big, making black history, while we’re still celebrating Black History Month. Their award-winning song “Glory” from Selma was positive and deserving, and I regret not watching the event to see them walk across that stage and do the damn thing. They gave a wonderful acceptance speech, but sadly for me, the joy over their win was overshadowed by another winner. Patricia A

Patricia Arquette also won an Oscar for her role in Boyhood, and she created quite a furor with her passionate acceptance speech calling out the pay inequities women suffer. But it was her comment during a press conference later that struck a sour note with me – and with many.

I can’t say whether she intended to slight women of color or to lump all men and all women into the same buckets as though their life experiences match like lost puzzle pieces. I can’t confirm what her intentions were beyond shining a light on the fact that women are unilaterally not paid the same as men, and there’s no reason for it. I agree with Arquette – about that. But this whole “It’s time for all the women in America — and all the men that love women and all the gay people and all the people of color that we’ve all fought for– to fight for us now.” – that’s 50 shades of crap. Continue reading “Patricia Arquette, I’m sure you meant well, but… #diversity #inclusion #equalpay #Oscars2015”

You Can Be a Feminist and Love Modern Music #feminism #music #Drake #diversity

I ran into this article where For Harriet writer Michelle Denise Jackson discussed her quandary — being a feminist and simultaneously loving ratchet music.Drake

You know ratchet music. You may have nearly broken a finger or two frantically pushing buttons on the radio while driving to get away from it. Whereas I look forward to riding in my car just so I can listen to Drake and crew on 107.5 or 92.3 in Chicago.

Sometimes I jam so hard my Sonata turns into a little mobile dance club. In my more enlightened moments, I know I shouldn’t be listening to this music. I should be writing a blog on how horrible it is that a Muslim couple and her sister were killed this week — a very obvious hate crime in my opinion — but the music is an escape from that reality. Continue reading “You Can Be a Feminist and Love Modern Music #feminism #music #Drake #diversity”