I Look So Official, Right? #CLOsym #learning #technology

Here I am yesterday, last day of the spring Chief Learning Officer Symposium. I’m moderating a panel titled “Hits and Misses: Ten Years of Learning and Technology.” Very lively discussion. Our panelists engaged in some good-natured disagreement that really resonated with the audience. I also had a coughing fit for no apparent reason. But hey! … Continue reading I Look So Official, Right? #CLOsym #learning #technology

What’s Wrong With a Black Annie? #Annie #diversity #discrimination #film #movies

Black AnnieSo Quvenzhané Wallis is playing Annie, and as the moment of truth – also known as the film trailer release came and went – there has been a ton of, um, concern from people who are confused and chagrined the nine year old African-American is playing the iconic role.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the original film Annie was a little white girl with curly bright red hair. Wallis is far from that, and the backlash has been impressive. Continue reading “What’s Wrong With a Black Annie? #Annie #diversity #discrimination #film #movies”

Black Films Do Make Money, Are Relatable To Wide Audiences #diversity #inclusion #film #movies

I almost forgot to post this. I’m still working on my on camera chops…I need a lot of work. LOL. I have GOT to remember to wear my contacts! There’s a nasty glare off my poor glasses and without them I look cross-eyed…I hope I don’t look like that all the time… But some of … Continue reading Black Films Do Make Money, Are Relatable To Wide Audiences #diversity #inclusion #film #movies

Harassment: the Unsung #Diversity Problem #HarassmentIs

HarassmentI guess I never really thought about harassment in a diversity context. But then I read “10 Things That Street #HarassmentIs, In Case You Really Don’t Think It’s Important” by Soraya Chemaly, and it changed my mind, big time.

It’s not that I haven’t been harassed. I have. I’m reasonably cute, I have breasts, and I’m black. In some places that’s a recipe for disaster, a triple disaster, in fact. I’ve been importuned on the street, while visiting foreign countries, on jobs. But see, I’m what they call a ball buster. What I get, is often what I give. Continue reading “Harassment: the Unsung #Diversity Problem #HarassmentIs”

Arizona on Verge of Legalizing #Discrimination? #diversity #religiousfreedom

Okay, so if Arizona Governor Jan Brewer – she of the pointing finger in President Obama’s face; I’m so not a fan – passes the Exercise of Religion bill making it legal for business owners to discriminate against gay and lesbian customers if it pleases their religious beliefs, I will not be visiting that state, like, ever. In fact, I will be boycotting anything that starts with and ends with A, period. Religious freedom

Whatever next? Are we going to reinstitute prohibition? Maybe resurrect Jim Crow while we’re at it? Come on. I know – better than some – that we do not in fact live in a post-racial, completely gender and difference supportive society, but this is pushing it a bit too far, no? Continue reading “Arizona on Verge of Legalizing #Discrimination? #diversity #religiousfreedom”