Friends Are the Family We Make for Ourselves

2 thoughts on “Friends Are the Family We Make for Ourselves”

  1. I met my bestfriend for the first time when my ex boyfriend brought her with him to pick up his things from my house. We hated eachother as we never knew the others motive. Fast foward a year later and she messaged me about something my ex did to her that he also did to me (it was really dumb and weird not scandalous… at least that we know of) and from that day we became best friends. She was there for the birth of my son and daughter and we have become more like sisters now, gym days, girls nights, play dates, birthdays, were are there for eachother for everything, every piece of gossip, every heartbreak, every part of life. My relationship with her is on a higher level than that with my own family. Just shows me we can still choose our family it is not only given by blood. Thank you for this message. It has opened my eyes more to my relationships with my friends.


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