You Gotta Make ‘Em Laugh #diversity #inclusion #humor

3 thoughts on “You Gotta Make ‘Em Laugh #diversity #inclusion #humor”

  1. While some may not consider the connotations, the offensiveness of “Who’s the guy” in a gay relationship goes beyond assuming requisite gender roles of masculine and feminine and (from what I’ve seen) is usually a way to slyly ask, “who gets penetrated?”… as if that’s anyone’s business!

    I do love the idea of using humor to help facilitate discussions, especially to turn the tables on questions that don’t seem weird until they’re phrased toward the people who ask them. Reminds me of a tribe in South America (and I’m racking my brain to try to remember which one) where the social order involves children making fun of adult drama as a way of showing them how ridiculous they’re being. Sort of like, hey, if KIDS can tell you’re acting stupid, what excuse do you adults have?


    1. Lol. Creative, I can assure you that was not what I had in mind when I asked that! I was trying to get my friend who cooks, loves to decorate and cleans competitively to own up to his inner Martha Stewart. Let me know if you figure out the name of that tribe. Interesting stuff.


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