Are White Gay Men Stealing From Black Women? #LGBT #diversity

2 thoughts on “Are White Gay Men Stealing From Black Women? #LGBT #diversity”

  1. Both Travis and Antwaun Sargent are veering away from Sierra’s core point. As a white gay male, I find it irritating at best when a straight male comes up to me and mimics what he believes is the stereotypical caricature of gay people, no matter what his intentions are. I don’t flip my hand. I don’t speak with a lisp. I can empathize with Sierra. I’m not some other culture’s novelty, and neither is she. We’ve got to come from a place of give and take. This was Sierra’s turn, and I honestly am saddened that her valid points are continually being hijacked and picked apart by my fellow LGBT bloggers.


  2. It is really ridiculous to think someone is stealing someones else culture, and worst if it seems in a negative way. On the contrary, a culture is successful if it spreads out or permeates another cultures. On the other hand, America is a cultural melting plot. That is the richness of american culture, in a very broad point of view, it is precisely that has some many trends and traits interrelated. Now, when you have been stolen of something, you do not have that thing anymore because the stealer has it now. Do that applies to a trend, style or idiomatic phrases? When someone else use that specific trait, cannot you use it anymore? Nonsense !!!!

    Well, at least, even though some people felt their culture have been stolen, that robbery is not a crime under law.


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