What’s Wrong With a Black Annie? #Annie #diversity #discrimination #film #movies

5 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With a Black Annie? #Annie #diversity #discrimination #film #movies”

  1. I totally agree with you. There’s no reason why a little girl, regardless of the color of her skin, shouldn’t play Annie. I always wondered, tough, what happened to the other orphans…were they sent back to their ditches or were they upgraded into society?


  2. I always considered Annie’s defining characteristic as being a spunky orphan with huge dreams. I know she’s iconically regarded as redheaded, but that’s never really defined her character. Unlike, say, Anne of Green Gables, where her red hair was integral to much of the grief she got from others at first.

    I was delighted to hear of this latest casting as I feel so totally in love with Quvenzhané Wallis’s acting that I couldn’t wait to see what she’d be in next. Though I admit, that desire to see her in more is tempered with a bit of fear of what happens to child actors in Hollywood. I’m really very hopeful that her parents will ensure she does not come to any kind of harm at that industry’s hands…


  3. I don’t think anyone has a problem with cute little black girls… I do however think that people would have just as big a problem if Hollywood decided to use white actors when portraying black characters. The next Black Panther movie should be played by a blue eyed white guy.. or Shaft should have been.
    Create new characters.. write new stories.. dont put blackface on a little white girl and expect good results.


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