Paula Deen Used the N Word…And?

2 thoughts on “Paula Deen Used the N Word…And?”

  1. You Bring Up a Good Point, Kellye – Regardless Of the Use Of That Word (Nasty As It Is), For Some Reason, People Still Use It Today. There Has to Be Some Sort of Consequences to This Kind of Behavior. While She Made a ‘Public Apology’ (Without Anyone There to Ask Questions, Dig In to Highlight What She’s Made Of, Etc.), *No One* Can Truly Know What In In This Gal’s Heart.

    Although the ‘Apology’ Seems to Make It Easy to Say ‘Meh’

    Sadly, This Kind of Behavior Will Never Go Away, It Seems. HOWEVER, the Way We Respond to It (Legally, Physically, Spiritually, Mentally) Has to Be Both Just + Gracious. Cause, At the End of The Day, We All Have to Meet Our Maker…And We All Have to Answer to Our Actions – On How We Conducted Ourselves and Responded to Hate.


    1. Thanks for writing in, Narciso. I agree with you. It’s up to the rest of us to act in a similar fashion to the Food Network, in this case. We have to consistently and as a group – whoever is in this particular group, and it should be everyone, everywhere – say, no. This is not acceptable. Your beliefs are your own but, if you espouse one that is hurtful to others without due cause – skin color, religious preference, sexual orientation are not due cause – society and the companies that make up popular culture will not reward you with special contracts. Nor will the external community be swayed by milquetoast apologies. There should be accountability for bad behavior. Its how you teach any living creature a different path.


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